Hotel in Andalo with swimming pool

Relax in the mountains

Our hotel in Andalo with swimming pool is open every day, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, offering the opportunity to relax and the luxury to unwnd. With the water at a constant temperature of 31° C, immersing yourself in the pool of the Family Hotel Serena is a true experience within an experience...

In addition, we will provide you with everything you need with the special kit that you will find in the room composed of slippers, bathrobes, children's ponchos and towels, as well as foam boards and floating tubes in the pool area.

Baby Pool
For the first swims

Children's love for water is innate and goes back to when they were still in the mother's belly. For this reason, the bath is a real treat for the little ones. We have dedicated a heated pool to them, (35 cm deep) where they can have fun in the water.

A dip in good company
We are in Andalo, pearl of the Paganella Plateau.
Via Crosare 15
38010 Andalo (TN)
Tel. +39 0461 585727
Fax +39 0461 585702
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