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Enjoy the Turkish Bath during wellness-holidays at the Hotel Serena

Inside the Carpe Diem Wellness Centre, experience a relaxing Turkish bath after a day spend skiing or hiking in the woods.

Below are some pointers that explain what the steam bath in our hotel has to offer. In any case, the staff of the Hotel Serena will always be available to provide anything you need. 

What are the benefits of a Turkish bath?

  • The steam bath at Hotel Serena promotes the circulation of the blood, as the heat causes your blood vessels to dilate.
  • It promotes a deep cleansing and purification of the skin. In fact, when you are in an environment where the steam content is higher than the amount of water in the epidermis, a thin layer of moisture forms on the skin that transports warmth to the body.
  • The heat in the bath causes pores to open in your skin, leading to increased sweating. This also causes the skin to appear brighter, while it feels more elastic and supple due to the removal of toxins from the body via sweat.
  • It also has a toning and relaxing effect – helping to reduce stress. Regular visit to the Turkish bath helps your nervous system to regenerate, leaving you better prepared to fight the stress and tension of everyday life.

What is a Turkish bath?

Our Turkish bath involves a sitting inside a sealed room where the relative humidity level is very high (around 90 to 100%). The internal temperature also ranges from 40 ° C to 60 ° C and gradually increases from the floor of the bath to the ceiling.

In a Turkish bath, the sweating you will experience is less intense than in a hot and dry environment like a sauna. However, because you tend to spend more time inside a Turkish bath, the final amount of perspiration is higher, leading to better removal of toxins from the skin.

A bit of history

When you take a steam bath during wellness-holidays at the Hotel Serena, you will be continuing a tradition that reaches back thousands of years.
Turkish baths have ancient origins that date back to the Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans. According to the cultures of these peoples, steam baths were thought to reinvigorate and regenerate the mind, body and spirit.

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