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The Finnish Sauna at Hotel Serena's Wellness Centre

In the Carpe Diem Wellness Centre, you will find Hotel Serena's Finnish sauna, this can be enjoyed either in winter or summer; below are some pointers as to what the Finnish sauna experience is about.
The staff at our wellbeing centre will always strive to make guests feel comfortable and are on hand for everything you may need during your stay here.

What are the benefits of a Finnish sauna?

A sauna can provide many physical benefits and has an extraordinary impact on relaxation and detoxing, it also has a beneficial bearing on the body and soul. A sauna cleanses the skin thoroughly through sweating which can expunge the body of toxins, it also stimulates the central nervous system which has the knock on effect of improving your overall metabolism.

Among the physiological benefits of a Finnish sauna are the reduction of visible cellulite, improved skin elasticity and reduction of wrinkles which work in tandem with a healthy diet to promote health. The primary effect of the sauna is deep cleaning of the skin.

What is a finnish sauna?

The Finnish sauna experience consists of a dry heat bath (80-90 degrees). In this environment the benefits of heat may be exploited for deep relaxation and proper cleaning inside and out. Alternating a trip to the Finnish sauna hotel with a cold shower may stimulate the immune system, which can help combat tension or stress and has recognised benefits for the heart and blood.

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Hotel Wellness in Trentino - la Sauna Finlandese

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