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Sporting and cultural activities: find out about all available offers during your holiday in Andalo!

As soon as you arrive at Hotel Serena we will be at your disposal and assist you with plenty of tips and pointers for excursions, sporting and cultural activities during your stay. We have great suggestions for the summer as well as for winter months. Enjoy the peace of mind that not having to pre-plan activities gives you: we will come to you with suggestions and info on, say, how to book a trip with an Alpine Guide to follow wildlife trails in the lush woodland of Natural Park of Adamello Brenta.

This page offers some useful info on the Andalo area, as well as some top tips and ideas for your stay here in the Trentino region.

The Brenta Dolomite trails on the plateau of Paganella and the wider area surrounding Andalo comprise some seriously spectacular landscapes and places to discover: they can be explored on a pair of ski in winter and on foot or on a mountain bike, especially during the summer months. Routes can be both simple and level or somewhat steeper and therefore more challenging, but the city of Andalo offers tourist services of various kinds that allow visitors to acquire the adequate equipment and gear to navigate the territory both during the winter and during the summer.

Nordic Walking is a highly popular and appreciated sport involving the use of long sticks similar to those used in cross-country skiing. This kind of sport is ideal for those who want to keep fit, as it entails the movement of the entire body unlike regular walking.
In addition to Nordic Walking, wintertime sees plenty of different activities in Andalo, such as cross-country skiing and regular slope skiing. In the summer there are plenty of opportunities to go hiking, cycling and to swim in Lake Molveno.

The Andalo area has a wealth of Spas where visitors can enjoy moments of blissful relaxation as well as proven health benefits. It is recommended to reach Andalo by car, but the local Town council, in collaboration with Hotel Serena, offers several public transport options to reach many parts of the town and other destinations nearby.

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