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Baby Restaurant: Lunches and Dinners for your Children

As any parent knows, some of the most important times of the day for children are mealtimes. Here at Hotel Serena we make it easy by preparing baby food for your kids, as if they were at home.

If you have any particular requests regarding food intolerances or allergies, or even just your children's taste preferences, the chef will be happy to make a mouth-watering, personalised lunch or dinner to suit your family.
You can choose how to personalise your baby food through the "Great Dishes" children's menu for our youngest guests.

Children can also have lunch or dinner earlier, in the restaurant for adults with parents or in the Baby Restaurant with the entertainers. 

In addition to the children's menu, the hotel also provides everything else you may need for your little one's meal, such as a high chair or bib.

Our chef designed the children's menu and baby food is always available, so that the menu is just "like home": simple flavours, yet highly nutritious.

Below is our list of baby food, always available from the children's menu:


  • Fresh milk
  • Pear purée
  • Apple purée
  • Mixed fruit purée 

Lunch and dinner:

  • Home grown vegetable purée
  • Home grown vegetable broth
  • Various pastas
  • Semolina
  • Creamed rice
  • Creamed multi-grains
  • Cream of carrots and zucchini
  • Meat and fish purée
  • Cheese
  • Fruit purée

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