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Explore nature at Andalo: so many summer activities for the whole family

A family summer holiday in Andalo lets parents choose from a huge range of excursions together with their kids, thanks to the guidance expert guides. These local experts will lead you to an exploration of the remotest and most scenic natural beauties of the Trentino Alto Adige mountains. For example, our ever popular Summer Activity Programme includes nature trail trekking, Nordic walking and climbs for our more experienced visitors. Beside walking, we offer several mountain biking trips as part of a package that includes bike rental and full use of a bike repair shop. below you will find our exciting list of itineraries and excursions in Trentino!


MONDAY: morning – Andalo, 9.30am /12 pm - THE RIGHT ROAD - mountain orienteering and map reading skills. Afternoon -Molveno 4- 6 pm - GEOTREKKING - notions of land morphology and beginners' geological instruction.

TUESDAY: all day at Molveno, 9.30 am/ 4pm ONCE UPON A PICNIC - Complete tour of the lakes Molveno and Nembia.
Afternoon- Andalo, 4-6pm CLIMBING PASSION - artificial surface climb OR - Afternoon– Andalo, 4-6 pm - THE ART OF WALKING - Nordic Walking.

WEDNESDAY: All day at Andalo, 9-4pm - ON TOP - Trekking on top of the Paganella.
Afternoon – Molveno, 4-6 pm - THE ART OF WALKING - Nordic Walking. ACTIVITYPLUS+ top up activities. Morning – Andalo, 9 am/12.30 pm - MTB TOUR - Mountain bike ride around Lake Molveno - top up fee €20,00.

THURSDAY: Morning– Molveno, 9 am/12.30 pm - CLIMBING PASSION. Tour of the iron road to Fortini di Napoleone.
Afternoon - Fai della Paganella, 3.30- 6pm - TRADITIONAL FLAVOURS - Walk exploring the local history and folklore and food including a traditional afternoon snacks.
ACTIVITYPLUS+ top up activities, all day - DOLOMITITREK to Rifugio Pedrotti at an altitude of 2410 m, top up fee €10,00.

FRIDAY: All day – Andalo, 9am -4pm - NATURE TRAIL TREKKING: Cima Canfedin Serale, Fai della Paganella, 9.30-11pm - NIGHTTIME PANORAMAS – Luci&stelle, evening walk through the forest.
ACTIVITYPLUS+ top up activities, morning - 8.30 am/1 pm, Val del Sarca, IRON ROAD FUN: LA GOLA DI DRENA CANYON. Top up fee €25,00.

SATURDAY: All day – Molveno, 9am/4pm - DOLOMITI TREK- Trekking among the Brenta Rifugi (Shelters) 

SUNDAY: Afternoon- Terme di Comano, 2.30/5.30 pm -DISCOVER THE LAND - Themed excursion.

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Estate ad Andalo
Estate ad Andalo
Estate ad Andalo
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